With the change in seasons and the cooler weather rapidly approaching we will at last receive some relief from the flies and mosquitos that have plagued us over the summer months.

o your roof or in your kitchen cupboards?


Possums, rats and mice other than the diseases and damage they can cause to premises in walls, wiring and roofs can create significant distress for tenants.  Running over tin roofs and up and down wall cavities is enough to keep people awake at night and scare anyone not prepared for the sudden commotion.  Take it for gospel from a guy that spent 2 months with rats in the house (thank you very much chicken coop)  before having the exterminator complete the job at hand.  And seeing a pair of rat tails hanging out the side of your wall mounted split system air con is very freaky!!


As an investor are you prepared to risk your rental income by inviting these pests into your property?  As a body corporate manager do you really expect tenants and investors to maintain your services when you mismanage and allow pests to take hold of the property?  And can tenants really be expected to live in such a premises?

So what can you do?



If you manage your body corporate like the majority of Australian’s you will wait until the pests are entrenched then call the pest management/exterminator to assist them.

Sure that’s pretty good.


 implement an appropriate property maintenance schedule.

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